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We helped USAA turn around their big data projects and create a data engineering culture

  • Data problems can become such difficult people problems that soldiers are focused on problems at home instead of being shot at in a war zone.
  • USAA realized the hard way that data engineers are needed for data scientists to be productive.
  • A lack of data engineering culture made it difficult for USAA to execute and create ROI for their data.

We helped Airbus create a real-time big data project streaming 2+ billion events per day

  • The system processes 2,000+ messages per second from aircraft all over the world
  • We used Microsoft Azure managed services such as Event Hubs and Azure Managed Kubernetes
  • The system uses open source technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Apache Avro, and Apache Spark.

We mentored Kueski and helped them build a data engineering team from the ground up

  • The company needed to build a data engineering team for the first time but navigating the hiring process was a challenge 
  • During our 12-month mentoring program, Kueski hired a seasoned data engineering manager, six data engineers, and a product manager

We helped Steelcase migrate their analytics to the cloud. Now consultants can convert 10x more business.

  • Steelcase had big data problems but lacked the infrastructure to analyze them at scale 
  • Their team of data scientists and engineers knew it was time to migrate to the cloud so they could start building more advanced solutions
  • The multitude of cloud-based products made it difficult to choose and make a compelling case to senior leadership.