We are deep subject experts in Big Data and we specialize in Big Data. We only work with companies that have or will have Big Data projects.

Core Offering:

Our core offering is retained consulting, education and support for companies planning and implementing Big Data projects. We have a deep understanding of both the underlying technology and the intrinsic complexity of Big Data projects and how to make them successful. This understanding comprises a unique set of abilities that we use to consult with, educate and support our clients.

  • These abilities span the full spectrum from high level management skills to hands on coding skills required for Big Data success, including:
    • Strong business understanding and how to effectively define and/or evaluate business use cases
    • Organizational knowledge and experience regarding how to structure Big Data teams and projects
    • Extensive hands on experience regarding optimal Big Data project planning and phasing
    • Complete understanding of the management demands of Bid Data projects, including how to anticipate and address the unique cross functional issues associated with Big Data projects
    • The ability to assess both the technical and the project teams to ensure the right resources are in place
    • In depth knowledge of and extensive hands on experience training programmers and writing code using tools such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Pig, HBase, Impala, Kafka and more
  • We augment, and do not replace the client’s team. We get existing IT and analytics teams working. We don’t have a body shop to do their project.
  • We work with any industry, with a special focus on financial and manufacturing companies. Usually, these two industries have the most onerous domain knowledge requirements. It really helps our clients because already have the domain knowledge and can skip most of the domain-specific questions. 

Big Data projects are more complex than previous generations of Business Intelligence and Analytics projects, and so require that we understand our clients’ goals and domain at a deep level. Accordingly, we believe that true success with Big Data is only possible with long-term engagements. Our Big Data Rollout is the platform we use to achieve this success. The Rollout provides our clients with access to us for management support, workshops, technical education, and architecture reviews. This program is a simple monthly retainer that reduces the costs and complexity of charging separately for individual classes, meetings, assessments, etc.

Our Core Values

Since we work with companies for long periods, we believe cultural alignment is an important success factor. Our core values are:

  • Client first
  • Right person and tool for the job
  • No B.S.
  • Constant learning and applying
  • Preeminent expertise with humility

Other Offerings

Architecture Reviews: For certain clients, we will do a one-off architecture review, instead of the complete Big Data Rollout. This is for advanced companies, or people who think they’re advanced.

Big Data Orientation: For clients that are new to Big Data, we offer our Business of Big Data workshop. This workshop helps people understand what they’re getting into and what Big Data is. Usually, we come in beforehand and review the data, teams, and organization. It gives us a good idea of what the data is and the teams’ readiness so the workshop is highly relevant for the client.

Technical Education: We do the hardcore technical classes too. Some are entirely self-paced, virtual, or in-person. The main thing management likes about that is the ability to give technically accurate answers to complex questions.

Business Education: Business users often have very specific needs when starting a big data project. This made more complex by the domain and end goals of the project. We do lots of one-offs for our customers or potential customers. We work with the business side to create the specific resources such as webinars, in-person classes, and workshops for management on what Big Data means and the general ROI.