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Announcement: Data Teams Is Out!

I’m thrilled to announce that Data Teams: A unified management model for successful data-focused teams is available for purchase!  My goal is to drive a real increase in the percentage of s…

Big Data and Analytics in the COVID-19 Era

Big Data and analytics are going to change in this COVID-19 era. I want to share with everyone the same messages that I’m giving my own clients. I’m hoping that this post will help those data…

What Is Big Data?

You’re starting to learn about Big Data or you’re wanting to learn more about Big Data. You start of by googling “what is Big Data?” You get an answer that doesn’t quite makes sense. The site talks about 3 Vs or sometimes they’re 4 Vs or even 5 Vs. These 3 Vs are usually defined […]

Announcement: Data Engineering Teams Book

I’m really tired of seeing Big Data projects fail. They fail for both technical and managerial reasons. They all fail for similar reasons and that’s just sad because we can fix or prevent them. Gartner’s research shows that 85% of Big Data projects don’t even make it into production. Only 15 percent of businesses reported […]

On complexity in big data

After years of teaching Big Data, I’ve come up with the best explanation of why it isn’t easy, cheap, or quick. I wrote the in-depth piece published on O’Reilly.

Announcement: Creating Big Data Solutions with Impala

I am proud to announce that my latest screencast on Apache Impala called Creating Big Data Solutions with Impala was released on O’Reilly. This caps off a long relationship with Impala that started well before it was released publicly. My relationship with Impala started off when I first joined Cloudera. I started learning about the […]

Is My Developer Team Ready for Big Data?

“Is my developer team ready for big data?” This is the most common question I’m asked by business leaders. Executives realize that big data projects can build their enterprise, but aren’t sure if their current development teams have the skills to actually create the solutions. Read the rest of my guest post on O’Reilly Ideas.