Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • What are the instructors’ qualifications?
    Our instructors have vast, industry specific experience in Big Data, Hadoop and The Cloud. Many of our instructors are published in the subjects that they teach. Each instructor is committed to giving your class the best in-class experience.
    Our instructors are recognized within their field as experts and speak at the major industry conferences.
  • What are the curriculum developers’ qualifications?
    Our curriculum developers are subject matter experts in Big Data, Hadoop and The Cloud. Our material is written to make students successful with the projects coming out of the class. The class materials are written with student experience and learning in mind. The materials are technically accurate, update-to-date and relevant to the learning objectives.
  • How are the materials kept up-to-date?
    Our instructors and curriculum developers attend the major industry conferences. We reflect those learnings and changes by adding them to our curriculum. As software is updated, we update our materials to teach the latest changes.
  • How are the classes presented?
    Our classes are available for teams and companies. Classes from one to two days are presented virtually. Classes over three days are presented in-person or virtually.
  • What materials are used during the class?
    As part of each class, you will receive a copy of the slides used for the lecture and the exercise guide. Some classes use a virtual machine as part of the training. These materials are valuable resources for reference and development after the class.
  • Which languages are available?
    All class materials are written in English by a native English speaker. Class lecture can be performed in English or Spanish.
  • What are the class prerequisites?
    Certain classes are for technical students and other classes do not require a technical background. All of our classes give full solutions in addition to exercise so that non-technical students can follow along.
  • How can I schedule a class?
    You can schedule a class by contacting us and we’ll work with you to schedule the right class for your needs.