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Having taught at companies around the world. I’ve found there are generally two types of companies. There are companies that consume technology and there are companies that create technology.

Companies that consume technology are ones that take technology and use it at their business. Their primary product is not creating technology. Rather, they consume the technology to support or improve their non-technology product.

Companies that create technology have their technology as their primary product. The company’s sales are directly driven by improving the technology to fit market demand better.

Why Should You Care?

You could blindfold me, walk me into an office building, and ask me if the company consumed or created technology.

I could tell you which type it was, based on:
* The people
* The decor and desks
* The break room

Companies that are consumers of technology, in general, will have placed an emphasis on cheaper people, lower quality decor, and the break room is either nonexistent or everything is for purchase.

These companies send the message to their programmers: what you do is not core to our business. Our product is not directly influenced by technology.

Companies that are creators of technology, in general, will place a premium on their people, decor, and give some level of free snacks, soda, or coffee in their break room.

These companies send the message: our people are integral to our product. The company realizes it is half the technology product and the other half are the people that create it. Without these high performing people, they can’t create or improve the product.

Why Should You Care?

Working at a creator of technology company, you will have much higher odds of a better job. There are more developer jobs at these companies. You will get paid better and have a better office environment.

However, these companies expect more of their people. They’ll expect better programmers and a higher level of competency. You will need to have the necessary skills before getting these jobs. There is a larger applicant pool and you will need to stand out.

In Professional Data Engineering, I show you ways my students stand out from the crowd and get the jobs they want at the the companies they want.