Why do a few companies create

enormous business value from Big Data

while most fail?

We have taught thousands of students at hundreds of companies. These companies that range from startups all the way to Fortune 100 companies. The companies are from all over the world.

The companies all experienced the same reasons for success or failure of their product.

We want to teach you

what the successful companies did

and avoid how others failed.

The biggest secret to project success is getting the right training. When we mentor and train companies on Big Data, we speak from a vast experience. That experience isn’t just ours, but draws on the hundreds of companies we’ve worked with.

Most Big Data training companies teach your technical team technologies for a few days, then walk away, leaving you to sort out the really hard parts of Big Data. We are the only company that provides world-class mentoring, technical, and management training on Big Data.

Getting your software engineers ready for Big Data is a key part of the equation. Without the qualified people and the technical skills, Big Data projects fail. To be successful with Big Data, you need a to create a qualified data engineering team. It starts with the right people and the right abilities in the team.

Next, the technical team needs the knowledge of how to create data pipelines with Big Data technologies like Hadoop and Spark. This comes in the form of a in-depth and hands-on class on Big Data technologies.

Management training is the key piece of the puzzle. Poor management of Big Data projects and teams is one of the common recipes for failure. Managers need to know that a Big Data project is vast different and complex than a small data project. They need to learn what is possible and what’s available in the Big Data ecosystem. They need to know the basic steps to creating a Big Data solution and the iterative approach that’s required.

No team can go through a few days of training and be expected to be experts. They need ongoing advice and guidance from experienced experts. We provide ongoing mentorship because the team is brand new and still needs guidance on best practices. If your technical team gets stuck or needs help, we provide the answers. If your management team needs advice, we have the experience to guide them with any decision. 

Big Data project failures waste

millions, while successful projects

generate millions of brand new revenue.

We’re so confident that you’ll be successful

that we’ll refund the cost of the class

if you aren’t completely happy.

The right training saves millions. The wrong or a lack of training can cost millions. One of our clients experienced this the hard way. Here is their story.

It was frustrating. We were failing and the Vice President was watching us do it. We had all the books and tried to work through the steps, but our use of relationship database systems like MySql and Oracle meant we were approaching Hadoop in a fundamentally incorrect way. Our RDBMS solution was slowing down the Big Data solution.

Within two days of finishing the course we had rewritten major components of the database architecture. Over the next six months we completely overhauled everything we had done before we worked with Jesse. The 14 billion rows of data that used to take 16 hours to run were running in 2 hours, and the upgrades saved our company millions of dollars. If you take into account the lost time, and the salaries of our team while we were failing we could have saved a lot more — we really should have worked with Jesse sooner.”

Steve R

Publicly Traded Digital Marketing Company

How can we make your

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