You’re going to fail with Big Data.

We prevent that from happening.

We mentor your team on best practices,

show your management team how to run successful Big Data projects,

and teach your technical team Big Data technologies.

We guarantee results and success.

Team Mentoring

We have a step-by-step system for mentoring companies.


We teach your management team how to be successful.


Our courses teach the latest Big Data such as Hadoop and Spark.


We guarantee your team’s results and success.

Most Big Data training companies teach everyone the same class, whether they are advanced or just beginners, leaving your team to sort out what you really needed from the training.

We evaluate your use case to find the exact technologies you need, plus we customize the class to exactly the experience levels of your team. We also provide ongoing mentorship because the team needs more help than just 4 days of training. If you get stuck or need additional help we’ll figure out the best way to address the issue – be it a phone call, a workshop, or a more advanced class.

We’re so confident these customized classes are exactly what you need, we’ll refund the cost of the class if you aren’t completely happy.

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